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We are always on the lookout for high-quality PhD students or postdoctoral researchers, and we frequently have openings for undergraduate summer students. Recruitment of new PhD students usually starts around October in line with the academic calendar, though applications are welcomed throughout the year. More details, including current vacancies, are listed below. Furthermore, we have a strong visitor program and invite you to contact us if you would like us to host you for a visit. For any further details, contact a JQC member of academic staff for general enquiries.


NEW - Postgraduate Student Recruitment 2018

We have a thriving community of over 20 PG students, working on a mixture of theory and experiment. If you are interested in joining our group, then please consult our research page for details of what we do. The Durham physics department maintains a page that gives details of funding sources, and entry requirements. The details of our admissions process for 2018 are given below:


Funding options


Self-funded students 
We welcome applications for research masters (1 year) and  doctoral studies from students with their own funding or full scholarships. There is no application deadline. Please look at our research page to find a project that suits you, and feel free to contact the relevant supervisors. We recommend that you submit an application as early as possible, so that we can advise on any admissions issues.


Durham Doctoral Scholarships
Each year Durham University awards a small number of highly prestigious scholarships for outstanding PhD students of any nationality. The application process is highly competitive; you will need to be at or near the top of your class, with evidence of achievement at the highest level such as publications or awards. We welcome applications from top-class students to work on any of our projects. We recommend that you submit an application as early as possible.


Fully funded studentships  
Each year we have a number of fully funded studentships allocated to individual projects. Details of the available projects and the application timetable are provided below. Please note that unless otherwise stated, these studentships are only available to candidates with Home/EU fee status.


Currently available studentships


Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Molecules. Durham University is the leader of a £6 million research project aimed at building quantum simulators using ultracold polar molecules. Three fully funded 3.5 year project studentships are available. For more details contact Simon Cornish or see the advertisement here.


Atom-based Quantum Photonics: Durham University also leads a major 5 year programme of research that seeks to develop devices for creating and manipulating light at the single quantum level using thermal vapours of Rb, Cs and Sr atoms. This collaboraive project covers both experiment and theory. Two fully funded 3.5 year project studentships are available. For more details contact Ifan Hughes.


EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership (3.5 years): We are currently planning on 3-4 vacancies, with opportunities including ultracold strontium Rydberg atoms (Matt Jones), nanoscale quantum optics in vapour cells (Charles Adams), measuring fundamental constants uisng spectroscopy (Ifan Hughes) and cold ion beams (Kevin Weatherill). More details can be obtained from the PI.





We welcome applications from prospective PhD students, national and international, interested in joining our theoretical research activities within the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University.  Our research areas can be found by browsing our research page.   Further details on the application process can be found on the School PhD application page or by contacting one of the Newcastle-based JQC academics (Baggaley / Barenghi / Billam / Emary / HealyParker / Proukakis / Sergeev / Wood).


Currently available studentships


PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics - Vortex Dynamics in Superfluids: We are offering a fully-funded PhD studentship on the theoretical / computational study of quantum vortices in superfluid helium and/or atomic Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). You will join a team consisting of Professor Carlo Barenghi, Dr Nick Parker and Dr Luca Galantucci. Details here.


PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics - Dynamical Simulations of Hot-Electron Quantum Optics: The aims of this project are: to develop realistic numerical simulations of hot-electron devices, to analyse and optimise a variety of quantum-optics geometries, and to investigate applications in quantum electronics, quantum computation and quantum-enhanced metrology. This is a theoretical/computational project but the work will be carried out in close collaboration with world-leading experimentalists at the National Physical Laboratory. You will work together with supervisor Dr Clive Emary of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University, as well as Dr Andrea Bertoni at CNR NANO, Modena, Italy, and the experimental team of Dr Masaya Kataoka at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Details here.