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Chancellor, Nicholas

Research and Teaching Fellow, Department of Physics, Durham University

Email: nicholas.chancellor@durham.ac.uk

Phone: 0191-334-3728

Prior to my post at Durham, my most recent experience has been studying applied quantum annealing both theoretically and experimentally using the quantum annealer developed by D-Wave Systems Inc. I continue to have a strong interest in quantum annealers and quantum optimization related routines more broadly, in particular related to quantum/classical hybrid algorithms. I recently wrote a paper exploring the algorithmic uses of reverse annealing techniques on quantum annealing devices and these capabilities have since been added to the D-Wave device control API. As well I am always interested in learning about new aspects of physics and computing. I am currently funded on an EPSRC UKRI innovation fellowship (while I do a small amount of computer projects teaching, this is a research fellowship). Formerly I was a PDRA employed by Viv Kendon.

For more information as well as a list of publications (note that JQC list is incomplete) and my CV, please see my personal webpage: 


My twitter is