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Durham Seminar, Wednesday 13 November 2019

12:00 - 13:00


Jacopo Bertolotti

Jacopo Bertolotti

Visualizing science

Static images and diagrams are easy to reproduce on paper, and thus are commonly used in papers and textbooks as an aid to the explanation. Nowadays, thanks to the ubiquity of digital screens and the cheapening of computational power, using animation instead if still images is becoming a possibility. I will show a few example of how complex concepts in electrodynamics and quantum mechanics can be effectively visualized with an animation.

Jacopo Bertolotti

Jacopo Bertolotti

Imaging in scattering media

The opaque appearance of many object is due to the light traversing them being (multiply) scattered. This scattering process scrambles the spatial information carried by light , e.g. the image of what is behind, to the point that no direct imaging is possible. I will discuss the problem and show how one can still reconstruct the shape of an hidden object by exploiting light's correlations.