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International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

The following are members of the International Advisory Board:

Professor Sandy Fetter, FAPS, FAAAS

(Stanford University, California, USA)

Research Expertise: Theory of Bose-Einstein condensates, condensed-matter theory, vortices and superfluids

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Professor Ed Hinds, FRS, FAPS, FOSA

(Director of the Centre for Cold Matter, Imperial College London)

Research Expertise: Experimental atomic physics, atomic Bose-Einstein condensates, electron dipole moment measurements)

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Professor George Pickett, FRS

(Lancaster University)

Research Expertise: Quantum fluids and solids, experimental superfluid helium physics

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Professor Matthias Weidemuller, FAPS

(Director of the Heidelberg Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany)

Research Expertise: Experimental atomic physics, Rydberg physics, laser cooling

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Professor Tim Softley

(Chairman of Chemistry, University of Oxford)

Research Expertise:Experimental chemical physics, ultracold chemistry, Rydberg molecules at surfaces.

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