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Name Description Download
Bifurcations in Forced Taylor-Couette Flow AJ Youd's thesis Download
Non-Equilibrium and Finite Temperature Trapped Bose Gases: Interactions and Decay of Macroscopic Excitations AJ Allen's thesis Download
Bose Gases In and Out of Equilibrium within the Stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii Equation SP Cockburn's thesis Download
A Quantum Degenerate Mixture of 87Rb and 133Cs Daniel McCarron's Thesis Download
Poster on vortex clustering ICAP 2012 and QFS 2012 Poster on quantifying vortex clustering in two dimensional condensates Download
Immiscible Density Structures in Trapped Two-Species Bose-Einstein Condensates Poster presented at ICAP 2012 Download
A GOY Model of Superfluid Turbulence Poster presented at QFS 2012 (Lancaster) Download
Movie of two-fluids energy spectra Two-fluids energy spectra produced by shell model from initial seeding until saturation at $T=2.157$ K. Features: normal fluid spectrum (red circles), superfluid spectrum (blue diamonds), forcing (black arrow), wavelength corresponding to intervortex spacing (dashed line) and Kolmogorov $k^{-5/3}$ spectrum (solid black line). Download
Observable Properties of Vortices in Finite Temperature Bose Gases Poster presented at ICAP 2012 and QFS 2012 Download
Dicke States Demystified David Szwer's Group Meeting slides, 1st October 2012. A very brief introduction to Dicke States. Download
Direct Maximum Likelihood Methods David Szwer's Group Meeting slides, 12th March 2012. An introduction to the use of the likelihood for analysing data, illustrated by propagating uncertainties through the "arcsine" function. Download
Bose-Einstein Condensation: Non-Equilibrium Studies of the Stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii Equation for Ultracold Atoms Thomas Bland's MMATH Thesis Download
Numerical Studies of Vortices and Dark Solitons in Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates PhD thesis Download
Laser Cooling and Loading of Rb into A Large Period, Quasi-Electrostatic, Optical Lattice PhD thesis Download
Bright solitary waves and non-equilibrium dynamics in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates PhD thesis Download
Magnetic trapping of an ultracold Rb-Cs atomic mixture PhD thesis Download
Manifestation of quantum resonant effects in the atom-optical delta-kicked accelerator PhD thesis Download
Molecular emission in regions of star formation PhD thesis Download
Realisation of a Cold Mixture of Rubidium and Caesium PhD thesis Download
A CO2 Laser Lattice Experiment for Cold Atoms PhD thesis Download
Manipulation of ultracold atoms using magnetic and optical fields PhD thesis Download
Absorption & Dispersion in Atomic Vapours: Applications to Magnetometry PhD thesis Download
Single-Impulse Magnetic Focusing of Launched Cold Atoms PhD thesis Download
Feshbach spectroscopy of an ultracold Rb-Cs mixture Daniel Jenkin's thesis Download
Excited state spatial distributions in a cold strontium gas A thesis. Download
Dipole-Dipole Interactions in a Microwave Field: Beyond the Rotating Wave Approximation Group Meeting Talk of 2013-01-21. Download
Quantum Computation by Shaking Lattices Journal Club Talk on 2012-10-10 Download
Dipole-Dipole Interactions in a Microwave Field Group Talk, Durham, Sep 10 2012 Download
Ab initio modelling of quasi-one-dimensional Bose gas experiments via the stochastic Gross-Pitaevskii equation D Gallucci's thesis Download
2-Component Movie A 2-Component SPGPE Movie by collaborator Gary Liu (Taiwan) Download
Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates: Equilibria and Dynamics at Zero-Temperature and Beyond PhD Thesis Download
Cs HPB This video shows the extinction coefficient of a thermal Caesium vapour with an applied magnetic field being ramped from 0 to 15000 gauss. ElecSus was used to make the data for the video which is composed of 1426 spectra each with 8000 data points ranging from -40 to 40 GHz with 10 MHz precision. The data took just under 3 minutes to calculate on a simple desktop machine. Download
ElecSus A program to calculate the electric susceptibility of an atomic ensemble Download
Template-Abstract-iCoRD-Tex This is the Tex template for the abstratcs of iCoRD Download
Template-Abstract-iCoRD-PDF This is the PDF template for the abstratcs of iCoRD Download
ElecSusV1.0.1 ElecSus version 1.0.1 Download
Stretching in a model of a turbulent flow Using a multi-scaled, chaotic flow known as the KS model of turbulence [J.C.H. Fung, J.C.R. Hunt, A. Malik, R.J. Perkins, Kinematic simulation of homogeneous turbulence by unsteady random fourier modes, J. Fluid Mech. 236 (1992) 281–318], we investigate the dependence of Lyapunov exponents on various characteristics of the flow. We show that the KS model yields a power law relation between the Reynolds number and the maximum Lyapunov exponent, which is similar to that for a turbulent flow with the same energy spectrum. Our results show that the Lyapunov exponents are sensitive to the advection of small eddies by large eddies, which can be explained by considering the Lagrangian correlation time of the smallest scales. We also relate the number of stagnation points within a flow to the maximum Lyapunov exponent, and suggest a linear dependence between the two characteristics. Download
RbCs: Research: MOT to MT Image for RbCs Research page. Illustrates transfer of atomic mixture from a MOT to a magnetic quadrupole trap. Download
RbCs: Research: RF Image for RbCs Research page. Illustrates the use of RF evaporation to remove most energetic atoms from the trap. Download
RbCs: Research: 3Body Image for RbCs research page. Illustrates interspecies 3 body loss. Download
RbCs: Research: TrapTilting Image for RbCs research section. Download
RbCs: Research: TwoSpeciesBEC Image for RbCs research page. Download
RbCs: Research: Immiscibility Image for RbCs research page. Download
RbCs: Research: FeshbachResonance Image for RbCs Research Page. Download
RbCs: Research: Cs2 Image for RbCs Research Page. Download
RbCs: Research: STIRAP Image for RbCs research page. Download
RbCs: Research: MottInsulator Image for RbCs research page. Download
RbCs: Research: Computing Image for RbCs research page. Download
RbCs: ICAPPosterjpg ICAP Poster jpg version Download
RbCs: Poster: ICAP2014pdf ICAP Poster 2014 Download
RbCs: News: LinewidthNarrow Figure for RbCs NEws Download
RbCs: Vacuum System Diagram of the vacuum system in the RbCs mixture experiment circa 2015 Download
YAO2015-GroupPicture Picture for RbCs news page Download
Graduate course timetable Graduate course timetable Download
RbCs: LatestResult Ground state molecules figures Download
Graduate course details Graduate course details Download
JQC Annual Report 2013 Annual report on the activities of the Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle from 1/8/2012 to 31/7/2013 Download
JQC Annual Report 2014 Annual Report of the Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle, for the period 1/8/2013 to 31/7/2014. Download
JQC Annual Report 2015 Annual report for the Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle, covering the period 1/8/2014 to 31/7/2015. Download
JQC Open Day Poster 2016 The JQC Open Day - 12/12/2016 Download
JQC Annual Report 2016 JQC annual report, covering the period 01/08/2015 to 31/07/2016. Download
Dominic Horsman Curriculum Vitae CV, last updated July 2017 Download
Abstraction and representation in living organisms: when does a biological system compute? Book chapter Download
The Representation of Computation in Physical Systems Article pdf Download
Decelerator Poster 2017 Decelerator Poster 2017 Download