William Hamlyn

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

PhD Student

Email: william.j.hamlyn@durham.ac.uk

Office: PH 140

I am  PhD student working in the Atmoic and Molecular Physics group at Durham University. My project is funded by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light and the work is a collaborative effort in the field of atomic physics and nano-optics.

Using thermal vapours of Rubidium confined to vapour cells with geometry of less than the resonant wavelength, we create a platform in which it is possible to observe and study numerous phenomena from both an atomic physics persepective (e.g. dipole-dipole interation, atom-surface VanderWaals interaction, lamb-shift) and a nano-optics persepctive (e.g. few-atom coupling, photon-statistics, guided light modes).

Ultimately we seek to understand the fundamental interaction of atom and light on the nano- or quantum-scale. Our work presents utility in quantum photonics and quantum information processing, and potentially chip-scale atomic vapour based quantum circuits.


"I study vapors

my cell is so very thin

I can see atoms"

- Ben Beswick