Tim Wiles

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

PhD Student 2013

Email: timothy.wiles@durham.ac.uk
Tel/Ext: 0191 33 43709

Office: Ph46 Tim Wiles on Twitter

I am currently undertaking research within the Soliton Project. We have recently produced bright solitons from a condensate of 85Rb and are beginning to investigate their dynamics in a quasi-1D potential.

I take a great interest in computer programming and control system programming, particularly using MATLAB and LabVIEW and am in the process of creating an new control system for our experiment. I also enjoy using MATLAB to create program that make every day tasks simpler and quicker.

Outside of the lab I enjoy playing a variety of instruments including piano and drums, making my way through series of 24 and other such shows, producing a podcast of short stories, recording music, being an active member of King's Church Durham and most recently I have had the pleasure of keeping a variety of fish.

Working for Waterstons