Stephen Hopkins

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Tel/Ext: 0191 33 43555

Office: Ph138

PhD and first postdoc position at Open University, Milton Keynes, 1991-1995.
- PhD title was "Magneto-optical trapping of rubidium"...says it all.

Second postdoc position with Christopher Foot at Oxford, 1995 - 1999.
- Obtained UK's second BEC in 87Rb, but BEC in 133Cs proved more elusive in this era.

Third postdoc position with Malcolm Boshier and Ed Hinds at Sussex, 1999-2000.
- This was a 50/50 lecturing/research post: teaching 2nd and 3rd year  atomic & laser physics and researching microtraps for 87Rb BEC.

Fourth postdoc position with Christopher Foot and Simon Cornish at Oxford, 2001-2003.
- Spinning up 87Rb BEC: Scissors mode and vortices. 133Cs now at phase space density of 0.1, but still no BEC. However the community is beginning to understand caesium's rich collisional properties...

Took a break and ran an art company making illuminated fountains, 2003-2006. See background picture above.

First (and last!) teaching fellow post at Manchester's Photon Science Institute, 2006-2009.
- Developed an MSc programme and CPD courses in Laser Technology.

Fifth postdoc position with Simon Cornish at Durham, 2009 - present.
- 133Cs BEC at last in our RbCs mixture experiment on heteronuclear molecules! And 'difficult' 85Rb Bose-condensed as well, in Durham's bright matter-wave soliton experiment. Currently designing and building a YbCs mixture experiment to study dipolar quantum degenerate gases.