Jeremy M. Hutson

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Tel/Ext: 0191 33 42147

Office: CG103K Jeremy M. Hutson's personal website.

Jeremy Hutson is leader of the Cold Molecules Theory Research Group. The group's research interests are in the quantum mechanics and quantum dynamics of molecular interactions:


For further information on the group's research interests, see Jeremy Hutson's research page.

Opportunities to join the research group

We have a large EPSRC Programme Grant entitled "MMQA: Microkelvin Molecules in a Quantum Array" which started in December 2010 and runs for 5 years. This is a joint experimental and theoretical project, together with colleagues in the Durham Physics and Chemistry Departments (Simon Cornish, Eckart Wrede, David Carty) and at Imperial College London (Ed Hinds, Michael Tarbutt). A Ph. D. studentship is available to work on the theory of cold and ultracold molecules, to start in October 2013 or earlier. The provisional titles available are:

  1. Ultracold molecules from ultracold atoms: quantum theory of molecules at microkelvin temperatures
  2. Cooling molecules to microkelvin temperatures: using the theory of ultracold collisions to make sympathetic cooling work

Funding is available for this studentship, but unfortunately only for UK or European Union citizens. Even for EU citizens the rules are quite complex, so write to me for further details.


Further information on the proposed projects is available here.

The group welcomes applications from well-qualified scientists to apply for personal Fellowships, including EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships, Newton International Fellowships and overseas government fellowships. For German scientists, Jeremy Hutson's Humboldt Research Award makes him eligible as a host for Feodor Lynen Research Fellowships.

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Founder and list owner of the molecular-dynamics-news email list, which distributes news for chemical physics research community. The list is run on the JISCmail Mailing List Service. For information on how to join the list, click here.


Jeremy's hobbies include white-water rafting (though he has been known to fall out of the raft), skiing (though he doesn't always keep his feet there, either), and hill-walking (which is usually safer).

Jeremy is also interested in local history and vernacular architecture, and has written a History of Tudhoe Village in County Durham.