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Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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My work is in quantum computing and quantum foundations, in particular high-level computational languages for physics, quantum causal models, quantum error correction, and the physical foundations of computing.
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I use the mathematical tools of Computer Science to solve problems in physics; and, conversely, I use the physical sciences to understand how computation works fundamentally. I frequently use graphical languages, especially those based in category theory including the ZX calculus for quantum computing. I am part of the UK's Networked Quantum Information Technology (NQIT) hub, working on techniques for error correction in small-scale devices. I am also involved in developing formal languages for biophysics. On the foundational side, I have worked on quantum causal networks, and how traditional computer science notions of causality via Bayes networks change with quantum probabilities. I have developed Abstraction/Representation Theory with Viv Kendon and Susan Stepney. This is a graphical framework for the formal treatment of the interface between physical devices and abstract computing theory, for both standard and unconventional computing.

After completing my Ph.D at Imperial College, London, I held positions at Hewlett-Packard, Bristol University, Keio University in Japan, and Oxford University. I am now working in the Atomic and Molecular Sciences section at Durham University’s Physics department, and am a member of the Joint Quantum Centre with Newcastle University.

In the June 2017 General Election I was the Green Party candidate for North West Durham. For all enquiries, please see my campaign Facebook page.

I am transgender. Prior to 2015 I published as Clare Horsman.
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Current PhD student: Joschka Roffe
Previous PhD students: Shota Nagayama, John-Mark Allen, Miriam Backens

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See the video of my Bright Club stand-up set.