Dermot Green

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

Post Doctoral Research Associate


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I attended Belfast Royal Academy grammar school, Belfast, Northern Ireland UK (1997-2004), graduated 1st class MPhys as Theobald Scholar of Balliol College, Oxford University, and PhD from The Queen's University of Belfast.

My PhD research (in the Centre for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (CTAMOP)) focussed on atomic many-body theory and its application to positron scattering and annihilation on atoms and molecules. During my PhD I spent time as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (ITAMP), at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, Harvard, USA. I was awarded the 2011 Institute of Physics 'Rosse Medal' for my PhD research.

I also spent a year as Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast, changing fields to work on theoretical ultra-intensity laser plasma physics. During this time I co-authored the Quantum-Electrodynamics (QED) laser-particle simulation code "SimLA". It can be easily incorporated in standard particle in cell simulation codes, such as ILLUMINATION, for fully-fledged QED particle-in-cell simulations that will be necessary to both drive and interpret experiments at upcoming and planned large-scale laser facilities.

I returned to the atomic game in May 2013, when I joined the Theory of Cold and Ultracold Molecules group at Durham as a postdoctoral research associate. My primary interest is ultracold molecule formation and atom-atom collision theory.

In Durham I am also the (first!) Junior Research Fellow (in the Sciences) of Hatfield College.

I have given numerous talks at international conferences. I am a full member of the Insitute of Physics, and a member of the Atomic and Molecular Interactions group (AMIG).


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