Carlo Ferruccio Barenghi

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

Professor of Fluid Dynamics

Tel/Ext: +44 (0) 191 222 7307

Office: 3.10 Carlo Ferruccio Barenghi's personal website.

I was born and grew up in Milan, (Italy) where I attended the University. In 1978 I obtained a "laurea" (then the italian doctoral degree) in mathematical physics. I was fascinated by nonlinear physics and my thesis was on the inverse scattering transform for nonlinear equations.  I was awarded a Fullbright grant and moved to the University of Oregon at Eugene (USA) where  I worked with Russ Donnelly doing experiments in fluid dynamics (centrifugal instabilities) and superfluidity of $^4$He (quantised vortices). At that time I also started collaborating with Joe Vinen (University of Birmingham, UK) doing theoretical work on the interaction of thermal excitations and quantised vortices and on Kelvin waves on vortices. After my PhD (1982), I remained at Eugene as a post-doctoral fellow for one year, then moved to Birmingham to do experiments on the nucleation of quantised vortices by moving ions at mK temperatures. At that time I also became interested in computer simulations of complex nonlinear effects which are too difficult to study on paper or to visualise in the laboratory. With this aim in 1986 I moved to the University of Newcastle to work with Chris Jones on superfluid hydrodynamics, Taylor-Couette flow and magneto-hydrodynamics (convection-driven dynamos). At Newcastle I was appointed Lecturer in 1990, Reader in 1995 and Professor in 1997.

Current projects include:

-generation of magnetic field in turbulent media.

-vortex dynamics and vortex reconnections in classical and quantum systems.

-quantum turbulence in $^4$He and $^3$He-B: energy and vortex line density spectra, coherent structures. velocity statistics, turbulent decay.

-methods of visualization in $^4$He (interaction between quantum vortices and micron-size tracer particles for particle image and particle tracking applications) and in $^3$He-B (Andreev scattering of thermal quasiparticles and quasiholes by quantum vortices).

-solitons, vortices and turbulence in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates.

-similarities and differences between quantum turbulence and ordinary turbulence.

-direct numerical simulations and shell models for $^4$He two fluids hydrodynamics.