Adam West

Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle

PhD Student 2012

Tel/Ext: 43737/43660

Office: Ph52/Ph142

I was the PhD student for the nanowire project, and in May 2012 I defended my thesis entitled 'Interfacing Ultracold Atoms with Nanomagnetic Domain Walls.'

The project was supervised by Ifan Hughes and Charles Adams, working with Kevin Weatherill. The long term goal of the nanowire project is to produce a hybrid quantum device that combines spintronic technology with ultracold atoms. This will enable the production of tight, mobile atom traps. As a stepping stone towards this goal we have realised a reconfigurable atom mirror based on domain walls in planar permalloy nanowires..

I received my undergraduate degree from Durham in 2008 and for my masters project I studied collective dynamics of mesoscopic ensembles of Rydberg atoms. This was a computational/theoretical project.

I am currently working on calculating spectra from high density thermal vapours in micron-scale cells which exhibit dipole-dipole interactions

In my spare time I enjoy playing a number of sports, the piano and also work part time as a magician.

At Yale with Dave DeMille