We have regular joint seminars, held at both Durham and Newcastle Universities.

Title: Ulrich Schneider Seminar
Seminar (Durham University)
This event will take place in PH8 @ 12:00-13:00 Abstract TBC
Speakers: Ulrich Schneider
Title: Sir Peter Knight Seminar
Seminar (Durham University)
This seminar will be held in PH8 @ 12:00 - 13:00 Abstract TBC
Speakers: Sir Peter Knight
Title: Prof Ernst Rasel Seminar
Seminar (Durham University)
This event will be held at 12:00 - 13:00 in PH8 Abstract TBC
Speakers: Prof Ernst Rasel
Title: Dipolar Quantum Matter near Absolute Zero Temperature
Seminar (Durham University)
This seminar will be held in PH8 @ 12:00 - 13:00 With the tremendous advances in cooling and manipulation techniques, ultracold atomic gases have consolidated themselves as an ideal system to address fundamental questions in quantum few- and many-body physics. Recently, we have reached Bose-Einstein condensation and Fermi degeneracy with ultracold Erbium atoms. This “exotic” atomic species combines unusually rich atomic spectra and a large magnetic moment. In the quantum regime, bosonic Er atoms feature interactions of genuinely different nature. The more ordinary and magnetically-tunable contact interaction combines with the long-range and anisotropic magnetic dipolar interaction. The mere existence and competition between these two sources of interactions dictate the physics at play, disclosing a variety of intriguing quantum phases. This talk will provide an overview of some fascinating dipolar phenomena from the Innsbruck prospective.
Speakers: Francesca Ferlaino
Title: Out of equilibrium dynamics in AMO quantum simulators: addressing new fundamental questions
Seminar (Durham University)
This seminar will be held in PH8 @ 12:00 - 13:00 Over the last two decades, experiments with atomic, molecular and optical systems such as ultracold atoms and molecules or trapped ions have developed to a level where we have strongly interacting quantum gases that are controllable and measurable on a single-particle level. This now allows us to engineer a range of fundamental models - especially those that were previously used to describe electrons in solid state physics - and explore their properties cleanly on a microscopic level. Beyond textbook demonstrations of equilibrium and single-particle properties (e.g., insulating phases, magnetic superexchange, and Bloch oscillations), this now enables us to explore fundamental aspects of non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum many-particle systems. These range from from the approach of systems to equilibrium and thermalisation in statistical mechanics, to fundamentally new features that arise from unique aspects of the AMO systems - such as long-range interactions in ions or polar molecules. I will discuss some of the recent developments in this area, illustrated with our theoretical work on dynamics in systems with long-range interactions. I will also discuss the recent measurement of many-body entanglement in itinerant particles with ultracold atoms in optical lattices.
Speakers: Andrew Daley
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